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New Brunswick Fish Chowder

1/3 pot peeled potatoes, cut in largish chunks
half as much chopped onion
1/3 pot fish, in chunks much the same size as the potatoes
(cod or haddock are the usual suspects, scallops and shrimp dress it up a bit. I'm allergic to clams, but you can readily use clams instead of the other fish and wind up with a clam chowder)
bay leaf
pepper to taste
half a teaspoon of white sugar (for a two serving pot)
condensed milk (or whipping cream if it is an elegant dinner and cholesterol is not a problem)
1 Tbs of butter

Simmer the potatoes and onions in water to barely cover until the potatoes are nearly done. Add the fish and seasonings, and cook until the fish is opaque (five minutes or so). Add the condensed milk or cream (or regular milk if you don't want it quite so rich). Drop the butter in the top to give it a few little golden particles as a garnish. Serve with soda crackers or crunchy bread and a green salad and you have dinner. Couldn't be easier.

Yield: Depends on Size of the Pot

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