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Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken Drumettes
Submitted by Shelly Gibson

bag of drumettes
2 large onions
5 clove buds of garlic
3 Tbs olive oil
Kikkoman soy sauce

Make sure the drumettes are thawed. If you cook them while frozen, the chicken will come out soupy.

Chop the onions into quarters and toss into pot. Seperate the cloves of garlic into single pods and smash them with the back of a knife blade. Toss those into the pot as well and cook until onions are clear. Toss the entire bag of drumettes into the pot and cover for 15 minutes on med/high to cook the chicken. After 15 minutes, take the cover off the pot. The chicken should be cooked. Pour 1 cup of soy sauce over the mixture and stir to coat the chicken. Continue to stir the chicken while the soy sauce 'caramelizes.'

This dish is best served with hot rice and daigo - a perfect selection for a pregnant woman (my family ate this several times a week while I was pregnant!) You may also chill the chicken and serve it as an appetizer with marinated veggies or as a 'chaser' with a little doni sprinkled on it.

This is a real quick, easy dish that is good anytime...for after school snack, 'don't feel like cooking night,' or a 'what's quick and filling.' Gives new meaning to 'finger licking good chicken!' Sorry Colonel, my chicken's better!

Yield: 4 to 6 Regular Servings or 1 Serving for a hungry pregnant woman!

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