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Dorothy's Kitchen

1 8-inch sponge cake
1 can (1 2/3 cups) evaporated milk
1 2/3 cups cold water
1/4 cup corn starch
6 Tbs sugar
2 tsps vanilla
2 Tbs butter
2 eggs, well beaten

Slice 12" by 12" sponge cake lengthwise and spread on the bottom of a platter. Set aside. Place 1 1/3 cups water in a sauce pan. Bring it almost to a boil and add milk and sugar. Mix remaining 1/3 cup water with corn starch and vanilla, gradually add to the milk mixture stirring constantly until starch mixture is cooked and there are no lumps. Remove from heat and add butter. Stir in beaten eggs 1/4 portion at a time while stirring vigorously. Pour latija on top of sponge cake and sprinkle plenty of cinnamon.

Yield: 12 Servings

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