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Valentine Desserts - Decadent Delights for Lovers

This Valentine's Day consider creating a culinary masterpiece to show your true love how sweet they are to you. Here at we are very interested in helping you make Valentine's memorable in a food way so we have compiled a selection of recipes ranging from the ridiculously easy Dark Chocolate Dipped Fresh Strawberries to a quite complicated but absolutely doable (with proper prior preparation) Chocolate Terrine with Espresso Sauce.

Is there anything more romantic than a lucious fresh strawberry coated with dusky dark chocolate? We agree! The good news is that this seemingly "Only a pastry chef could do that right..." thinking is absolutely not true. All this recipe requires besides fresh strawberries is good dark chocolate, half & half, butter and a microwave! Get the recipe.

For those who love strawberries and cream without any of that chocolate stuff, try the Strawberry Fool. This is yummy, creamy and full of strawberries - no cooking required just a refrigerator!

If you want to start the morning out right with breakfast in bed (or you can serve these with ice cream for dessert if you like) try the Chocolate-Pecan Waffles. Picture these beautiful and delicious waffles on the breakfast tray accompanied by fresh flowers. Now that's a way to get your Valentine's Day started.

The elegant choice for dessert is the Perugian Poach Pears. The presentation on this dessert is stunning and the pears which are gently poached in white wine with a bit of lemon and cinnamon float in a sea of dark chocolate laced with a sweet marscapone cream. How exotic and how delicious!

Last but certainly not least is the ambitious yet "Oh so worth it!" Chocolate Terrine with Espresso Sauce. The name of this recipe does not adequately revel the combination of textures - it starts with a moist chocolate walnut cake layered with cool and creamy chocolate marscapone mousse and it is drizzled with a rich chocolate espresso sauce. This dessert is the ultimate "I Love You" to a chocolate lover.

Good luck all you lovers out there - try a recipe - make some romance! Happy Valentine's Day.

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