Dumplings in Curry with Rice


1 lb minced low fat pork meat
1/2 cup bulgur or couscous, boiled and cooled
1 chopped onion
1 egg
1 egg white
2 Tbs skimmed milk
1 to 2 Tbs flour
salt and pepper to taste

Curry sauce

1 fine chopped onion
curry to taste
2 cups low-fat chicken broth
4/5 cup skimmed milk
2 Tbs corn starch
salt, pepper and a pinch of cane sugar

Mix all ingredients to the dumplings and let the forcemeat rest in a cool place 30 minutes. Bring 2 to 3 qt water to boil and add a little salt. Lower heat, and add the dumplings (size like ping-pong-balls). Let the dumplings simmer on very low heat until they reach the surface of the water, about 10 minutes. Heat the curry and onion in a saucepan and add the chicken broth. Let it simmer 10 minutes. Dissolve the cornstarch in the skimmed milk and add the mixture to the curry sauce. Add salt, pepper and a pinch of cane-sugar to taste. Serve the dumplings in the curry sauce, together with boiled rice.