Stolen Potatoes
Submitted by Shelly Gibson

This recipe has been designated a Guam Diner Favorite!

10 large potatoes
3 medium yellow onions
4 large garlic pods
butter (optional)
olive oil (must)
dried or fresh parsley
dried or fresh thyme
dried or fresh marjoram
dried or fresh rosemary
dried or fresh sage

Cut potatoes into bite size pieces. Soak in water while you're cutting to eliminate discoloring of the potatoes (the starch tends to 'brown' them, keeping them submerged reduces the discoloring). When you've completed the potatoes (*keep the skins on for more flavor,) chop the onions into quarters and slam the garlic cloves to release the flavor. (Slamming requires pounding the clove with the width of a knife). Once this is done, drain the potatoes and toss all the ingredients into a large roasting pan. You'll need at least one cup of olive oil to drench the mixture. Pour the oil over and toss to coat. Here's the tricky part, you need to shake at least 2 to 3 tablespoons of each herb, salt and pepper and continue to coat the mixture thoroughly. It gets a little messy, but truly worth the while. Cover with foil and place into a preheated oven (350F) and cook for an hour. After one hour, remove the foil and stir. It will probably have 'stuck' to the bottom of the pan - that's normal! But if you use a spatula, the potatoes will give pretty easy. Cook an additional 20 minutes at 400F to 'crisp' the potatoes.

Note: I stole this recipe from an old friend who cooked these potatoes as a last resort for a dinner at my house. His variation was to cook the potatoes in a tin foil pouch, which is smarter, and less messy, but comes out more steamed and doesn't allow for the crispy potatoes oven roasting gives. Try both!

My mother adores this dish. Every holiday I cook one thing for each of my family members: Ray gets stuffing from scratch, Dave gets candied carrots, Mana gets turkey, RD gets Farmer John ham and this potato dish and candied yams are mom's menu gift. These potatoes can be served holiday time or with roasted chicken or steak mid-week. It's a little trouble for all the chopping, but the aroma while cooking is so worth the effort.

Yield: 5 to 7 Servings