Chocolate Truffle Mousse
Patrick Kennedy, Executive Chef, Boundary Oak CC

12 oz bittersweet dark chocolate, cut into small pieces
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup cream
1/4 lb butter, cut into small pieces
2 eggs
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla
whipped cream

Place chocolate in the bottom of an electric mixer.

In a saucepan, combine milk, heavy cream and butter in a medium pan and bring to a boil over high heat.

Pour mixture over chocolate and whisk until chocolate melts.

Increase the speed to medium and gradually beat in eggs, sugar, vanilla, and salt. Do not over beat or it will become too course.

Pour into chilled glasses and let set. Garnish with whipped cream and strawberries.

Recommended Wine: Porto

Yield: 4 Servings