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For all the Gourmet cooks out there, we at Tidewater have heard your requests for high quality rare and select pelagic fish for your dining tables.

You can place a special GGF (Guam Gourmet Fish) order request with us through email, telephone 472-7876 or fax 653-6980, describing what you need and when. Additionally, we can place customers on a list and when we have the type and quality of GGF you desire we would contact you through email/phone/fax to alert you on GGF availability. The GGF pick-up is at the Tidewater store during regularly scheduled hours.

We will off-load many vessels over the course of several weeks sometimes and not see even one swordfish. This fish is well known and popular with the best hotel chefs but rarely seen presented for the local consumer unless it is steaked and frozen on the other side of the world, shipped to Guam and sold in the big grocery store's frozen food section for big bucks. Pricing is around $3.50/lb loin. We can quote firm prices once we make contact and you let us know the specifics of your order.

Albacore is a type of tuna other than the more commonly off-loaded Yellowfin Tuna (YF) and Bigeye Tuna (BE). Albacore are smaller (average weight off-loaded whole by Guam longliners is 35 lbs each) with a red/pinkish/white colored meat compared to the red meat of the YF and BE. Albacore is a very versatile fish as it can be eaten as sashimi, cooked or kelaguened. For employees here at Tidewater, it's a bit of a Guam secret that, if albacore is available, forget the other types, we'll take home a piece of albacore. It's obviously not a secret to the big processors in Asia and America that buy frozen longline tuna on a volume basis. They all pay more for albacore than YF or BE and the reason is well understood after eating it. We have never seen albacore offered on Guam for sale to local consumers. Pricing is around $3.00/lb loin. We can quote firm prices once we make contact and you let us know the specifics of your order.

High Grade Yellowfin (YF) and Bigeye (BE) Tuna:
As we've touched on from time to time in our daily fish reports, the whole commercial longline industry on Guam is centered on the quick air transport of fish caught in and around FSM waters, with the goal being to get the highest grade fish on each fishing trip (15 to 25 days per trip) to the large fish auctions in Japan where the most money is paid for all this effort.

However, for those who want the best and can afford it, the same high quality tuna can remain right here on Guam instead of being sent to Japan. Be prepared for the sticker shock though...$15/lbs loin is the ballpark and highly variable up or down depending on Japanese auction levels. Also keep in mind, the smallest quantity of high grade tuna we would have to specially purchase for you is one whole fish weighing between 40 to 80 lbs which we would loin out (approximately 50% yield) so 20 to 40 lbs of high grade loin at $15/lbs comes out to between $300 to $600 minimum which most certainly is not for everyday, but sometimes, maybe on a special occasion, someone out there just wants the best.



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