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  Coffee Beanery, The
Hagatna, Guam, in the GCIC Building
Sandwiches, Specialty Coffee
Coffee House


Coffee Beanery
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
May 2001

No mystery here. Although I've been a frequent customer of The Coffee Beanery's Tumon location, I've only purchased whole beans, a few coffee drinks, some baked items like muffins, scones, and cookies, and lots of mugs, cups, and coffee-related items. This was my first time trying one of their deli sandwiches (1st time in 3 years!)

I ordered the Smoked Turkey, Ham, and Swiss ($6.49), on wheat bread, with mayonnaise, honey mustard and lettuce & tomatoes. It arrived with crisp potato chips and a couple of dill pickle slices. You won't be able to purchase this sandwich bread in any local's specially made by American Bakery and is a Japanese-style sandwich bread, that's thick-sliced, and usually seen in hotels. Since the bread was already big, it was nice to see them fill it with lots of meat, cheese, and veggies. It was a good, filling sandwich, with all ingredients meeting "fresh-spectations!"

Wraps and croissants are also available, with the Vegetarian Wrap satisfying those seeking meatless solutions (priced at $6.45, and includes lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, carrots, cucumbers, and your choice of dressings.

The menu choices for beverages are considerable, with Espresso Based Beverages, Coffee Originals, Blended Drinks, Freshly Brewed Daily Coffees, and Other Beverage Choices (Raspberry Chiller, Hot Cocoa, Italian Cream Soda, and Specialty Teas, to name a few) available in short, tall, and grande sizes (except for the espresso and chocolate espresso).

It should be noted that during this 25th Anniversary, there is a Coffee Beanery Special you should try: Buy Any Specialty Drink and Get a 2nd for $.25 (of equal or lesser value). The Cafe Carmel Chiller (XL) is $4.75, and for another $.25 you can get an Iced Fudge Ripple or Carribbean Iceberg with this special offer!

The Hans do a commendable job in keeping their establishments clean, presentable and relaxing. The Tumon location is also an Internet Cafe, and many customers can be seen there surfing the net while enjoying their favorite brew. I particularly appreciated the classical music that played in the background during my lunch.

Although there are other great specialty coffee shops on Guam, I think none has done more to transform an "uninspired" location than this GCIC shop. You'll have to come down and have a cup while you're in the area...bring a friend and join in the 25th Anniversary special's a great way to get acquainted with those wonderful folks who are pleased to serve you at The Coffee Beanery.