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  Ohana Beach Club - Guam
Tumon, Guam
American, Mongolian Barbecue
Outdoor Dining, Restaurant & Bar


Ohana Beach Club • Guam - Tumon's Newest Beachfront Eatery
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
December 2001

Still brand new with just a few finishing touches being made, the Ohana Beach Club is serving delighted customers some really big sandwiches (these are the kind that grab your attention when the waitress carries them by). I had occasion to eat lunch here recently. It's easy to find. Since it's part of the Outrigger Guam Resort, you can take a pleasant walk from the lobby, outside past the pool, where you'll see the Club's covered dining area. It's just beyond the playground that was built to entertain youngsters. You can also access it directly from the beach, either by coming south from the Okura Hotel (Sails is adjacent) or going north along Tumon Bay from the Hyatt Regency. For those who remember, it's the same spot where Tahiti Rama was located.

The Ohana Beach Club is open seven days a week, from 10 am to sunset, with Happy Hour from 5 pm to sunset. The colorful menu has plenty to please every appetite, featuring sandwiches, appetizers, tropical drinks, and other beverages. The Reuben Sandwich ($6.75) has been a hit with some diners. They also have a Mahi Filet, Tuna and Dill Sandwich, Veggie Burger, German Bratwurst, All American Beef Hot Dog, Fish & Chips, and even a Shrimp Louie Salad: ($6.75), made "with an assortment of vegetables from Chef Clayton's garden." One sandwich I thought sounded interesting was the Italian Muffalatta, described as "Venus's homemade focaccia bread with a black olive and anchovy tapenade!" It comes with "sliced Genoa salami, proscuitto ham, provolone and mozzarella cheese" and is garnished with red onion, tomato and lettuce.

To start out, we ordered the onion rings, which are big thick slices deep fried in a light, crisp breading. They are served stacked on a pole, similar to one seen at a carnival ring toss booth. It's a unique presentation, and the onion rings are served with 3 dipping sauces - BBQ, Cocktail, and Ranch Dressing. One sandwich I couldn't help but notice (a visitor couple was attempting to eat it) was the Grilled Ribeye Sandwich, which is described as "Thinly sliced Angus prime beef on a fresh baked baguette with horseradish mayonnaise, grilled bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms." Well, I got news for you! There was nothing "thin" about the slices of prime beef that were in that sandwich - nope, these were "planks" of beef, thick slices! This was the kind of sandwich that makes a man proud that he's able to hold it up with both hands, gloating in his conquest. This is the same Angus prime beef that Outrigger serves at the Tinige Ansianu's Prime Rib and Alaska King Crab Legs Night, so you know it's got to be delicious. The baguette they serve it on is fresh baked, too (the only way to enjoy it!).

The Flame Broiled Hamburger ($6.75) is the first item on the menu, and is described as having "8 ounces of freshly made ground sirloin patty flame broiled between two slices of a toasted sesame seed bun." It's served with their secret sauce and is finished with lettuce, red onion, and tomato. However it was menu item No. 2 that got my vote (after a little persuasion and some major hints recommending it). I ordered the Grilled Mushroom Cheeseburger ($7.75). The friendly waitress asked me how I wanted it, and I told her "medium" would be fine. The small kitchen next to the bar is glass enclosed allowing you to see the big patties on the char-broiler. I really think Ohana's got a problem with their weighing scale, since they state that this burger is 8 ounces of ground sirloin. It's really more like 10 ounces! This is one awesome burger to see coming at you! The meat is as thick as the big bun halves above & beneath it, and the American cheese slice on top looks like a queen size sheet on a king size bed - it doesn't even reach the edge! The fresh mushrooms are sautéed, the red onion (now isn't that a sign of good breeding - red onions are tastier than their yellow relatives usually tossed onto burgers). The tomato & lettuce are there along for the ride, and the "secret sauce" is lightly spread, performing a supporting role as an underlying dressing. It's the flame-broiled ground sirloin that appeals to the cave-dwelling savage in me - you have to appreciate beef to truly enjoy this sandwich. All sandwiches at Ohana are served with Shoestring French Fries that are lightly seasoned. The shredded pickled papaya salad also served adds color to the plate and thrills the palate with its vinegary, sweet & sour mixture.

The view of Tumon Bay is majestic, and from my table I could see the point at the Hilton on one end and the point in front of the Nikko...that's a complete panorama! The small playground covers a nice sized area within a garden setting. It's a great place for, clean, organized, and fun. For a little historical, cultural, and artistic perspective, there is a beautiful tile mural covering the entire wall of an adjoining building that depicts the arrival and unfortunate (fatal) departure of Padre San Vitores. This is landlord Al Ysrael's pride and's a nice piece of work! Dessert was a refreshing soft serve yogurt on a waffle cone topped with chocolate syrup (yummee!).

Ohana Beach Club is sure to be a permanent fixture on Tumon's landscape - it is definitely an enhancement. Finally, a long-awaited beach bar where you can enjoy lunch then go after work to watch a stunning sunset while sipping a Blue Galaide or Margarita! It will certainly be the place to be New Year's Eve, when they are planning something special!