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  Hy's Steakhouse
Tumon, Guam
Fine Dining, Romantic, Steakhouse


Hy's Steak House - Retaining That Quality Dining Experience
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
February 2002

I recently had the pleasure of dining at this venerable establishment known for its impeccable service standards and premium selection of food and wines. Hy's Steak House continues to satisfy the appetites and meet the expectations of its loyal customers who have grown accustomed to Hy's VIP treatment.

I was joined by my companion who had not yet dined at Hy's. I was sure she'd enjoy herself, but didn't know how much until the evening ended. She had a splendid time...we had great company for dinner, and the food...the food! The French Onion Soup at Hy's is perfection. The oven-finished crusted cheese top sealed the savory rich onion broth beneath, and each delicious spoonful evoked murmurs of pleasure.

Our server was Dana, whose performance throughout the dinner was superb. Her experience was demonstrated in her attention to detail. I am impressed when a server can carry on an entertaining conversation while mixing tableside a Caesar Salad, which by the way, was an excellent rendition of the classic Caesar.

My companion ordered the Teriyaki Shishkaliks, which are skewered chunks of tenderloin with bell peppers and onions, grilled and topped with Hy's authentic Teriyaki sauce. I had a fabulous Roasted Rack of Lamb, which was herb-roasted to my preference, then carved tableside into succulent chops. The mint gravy was the ideal topping. Speaking of toppings...Hy's dresses potatoes like there's no tomorrow, with the works! Sour cream, fresh chives, butter and fresh bacon bits... (it's ok to occasionally splurge!).

For dessert, my companion had a special hot brownie muffin with ice cream, and I had the famous Mud Pie...a rich, decadent, chocolatey ice cream concoction. Sinful!

One special occasion that was commemorated this night was the ten year anniversary of good friends Eric & Danielle Martineau Bell. They regularly dine at Hy's Steak House and we shared a toast together. I attended their wedding at the Nikko and was even a neighbor before they were married! Great people!

Hy's Steak House remains the preferred venue for many customers who will continue to enjoy the personal attention, quality service, and excellent cuisine on which Hy's has built its reputation.