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  V.I.P. House
Tumon, Guam, in the Bayview Hotel
Chinese, Healthy Choices
Restaurant, Seafood


V.I.P. House Chinese Seafood Restaurant - Tumon's Best for Live Seafood
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
February 2002

The V.I.P. House Chinese Seafood Restaurant recently opened on the second floor of Tumon's Holiday Plaza Hotel, just above Mac N Marti's. The move to the new address has closed the previous restaurant's popular location across from the P.I.C. When you see the new restaurant, you will agree that it's a good move for both the restaurant and its customers.

V.I.P. has long been known for its fabulous lunch specials, and has enjoyed enormous popularity with the local Chinese community (a sure-fire way of attesting to the quality of the food) as well as to many other local residents. The lunch menu boasts 50 different entrees, and has them segmented by price, ranging from $6.50 - $12.50.

The lunch crowd at VIP quickly occupies their tables...the new location doesn't have as many tables as the previous dining room. However, this one does have four sizeable adjoining private rooms, which can be expanded to accommodate more guests.

My dining partner and I decided to start out with some dim sum appetizers, something I thought to be new to V.I.P.. There are over a dozen dim sum appetizers to choose from, with prices at $3.50 per order. We had the Siu Mai Pork Dumplings and an order of the Ha Gau shrimp dumplings. I made up my customary dipping sauce using vinegar, chili paste, and soy sauce. The pork dumplings arrived first, and they were quite tasty. The Ha Gau were delivered later, and I found them not quite done the way I'm used to having them. I'll have to try them again later.

We ordered the Kang Kong with Garlic (listed as Fried Vegetables - $8.50), an order of Won Ton Noodle Soup ($6.50), and an order of VIP's famous Walnut Shrimp ($8.50). The Kang Kong arrived first and was quickly devoured... there's nothing better nor healthier than this exciting green vegetable (how can a vegetable be considered exciting?) This stimulates the taste buds and provides a host of important nutrients and fiber. The stems are crunchy and require lots of chewing action to break them down for swallowing. They taste really good, mostly due to the abundant fresh garlic slices and oyster sauce.

The Won Ton Noodle Soup was served in a huge bowl...this was actually a meal for one person, and we noticed other diners were eating directly out of similar large bowls filled with noodles and soup. There was a generous amount of bean sprouts and sliced green onions in the soup, as well as a few won tons. There was a ton of egg noodles, though, and I quickly served up some smaller bowls of this hot soup. I added a little of soy sauce to flavor the broth a bit more. The noodles were fresh and tasty, as were the won tons. This was a very satisfying dish on its own.

The Walnut Shrimp was delivered and is served on a bed of shredded vegetables (like coleslaw) in a creamy sauce. The shrimp were golden fried and battered in a sugar/flour blend. They are truly magnificent. My companion labeled them "the bomb-diggety!" (which translates into "they're pretty darned good!). Glazed cooked walnuts are spread amongst the shrimp, and they have a delightful fresh crunchiness. This is probably V.I.P.'s most requested dish.

Near the entrance of V.I.P. (or since there are two entrances, one from the parking lot near Mac N Martis and the other from the hotel lobby) across from the cashier's counter is a battery of fish tanks. Live tilapia and red snapper of varying sizes were swimming within. Other tanks contained live lobsters and live crabs. I know that V.I.P.'s fresh seafood dinners are the best. I have had the Red Snapper in Ginger sauce was awesome. I can't wait to try some of V.I.P.'s live crab preparations...I know they'll be delicious.

Lunch hours for V.I.P. House Chinese Seafood Restaurant are 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and all major credit cards are accepted. To book private meeting rooms (and these are plush rooms, complete with karaoke machines), or for reservations, call 649-3222. There's ample parking as well as an elevator for wheelchair access. Come and enjoy V.I.P. House Chinese Seafood Restaurant--Tumon's Best for Live Seafood!