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Upper Tumon, Guam, in the East-West Business Center


Truong's Restaurant - Big Portions, Low Prices, Fantastic Flavors!
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
November 2002

NOTE - Now located in East-West Business Center in Upper Tumon 9/03

Truong's is making waves...big waves as more and more people are discovering what is probably the best-tasting Vietnamese food on the island. What's amazing about this is that the owners proudly communicate that their food is the best, that it is different, and that they offer bigger portions. Then they take your order and return with the proof of their claims!

I was alerted to this newly-opened (only 3 months) Yigo restaurant by 'Skippy', a newsletter reader and fellow food aficionado, who e-mailed me an account of his experience at Truong's and recommended that I check it out. He stated that the portions were big and cheap. After eating there I can say that the dishes are not only served in generous portions but they are also tasty!

Truong's is located in the E.C. Gozum apartment complex just north of Ace Hardware on Marine Drive, before you get to the Simon Sanchez intersection. It's on the ground floor of this small commercial center between a barber shop and fish market, and you can't miss the distinctive bright blue and red signage. With prices ranging from $4.50 to $9.95, Truong's offers a menu-full of delightful Vietnamese and Asian specialties, cooked in their own special style.

I was provided sample-sized portions of several dishes by Truong's owner, Ly, who along with her sister, Kim, and daughter, Neng, extended me genuine hospitality during my meal. A plate of Fried Pork Chop ($5.95) was served along with their special dipping sauce. Each piece was juicy and flavorful, due to a good marinade. I was also served Fresh Lumpia ($4.95), that contained fresh shrimp, bean sprouts, noodles, char-siu pork, lettuce, and cucumber. Their hoisin sauce version was well-blended and I was encouraged to dip my lumpia deeply to get all the flavors!

Something I'd not seen before was a Seafood Combination Kelaguen ($8.95), and my sample plate had generous servings of shrimp, beef, and calamari, as well as cucumbers, carrots, onions and lettuce, all blended in a spicy marinade/sauce. This was an exceptional dish. I was then served a plate of Chicken Lemongrass ($5.95) that I really liked because it had a thick sauce that permeated the air with lemony-peppered aromas and made for fun tasting using the tips of my chopsticks. Truong's Special Shrimp Fried Rice ($6.95) had lots of ingredients, and was topped with Truong's Special Spice, which resembles pepper, but has other spices added that really make this fried rice unusually good.

The Wonton Soup ($5.95) was a winner, with plenty of big fresh won tons filled with pork and shrimp, and a savory broth that is loaded with chunks of chicken breast. The Beef Curry ($6.95) was another treat, and their Vietnamese style of curry was spiced and lively, something I'd recommend for clearing your sinuses.

The Fried Lumpia ($5.95 for 5 pieces) was served last, and I still recall my first bite of this "lumpia masterpiece", since I could instantly taste the difference between this and other lumpia I've had. It is filled with fresh shrimp, crab, pork, and chicken, and had a richness I've never tasted before. Of course, the mint leaves, lettuce, bean sprouts, and rice noodles that accompany it are standard; however, Truong's adds some special ingredients to the fish sauce to make their lumpia even more unusual.

Ly Truong used to have a restaurant in the Hafa Adai Exchange and has cooked lots of food at the Flea Market. She said if people saw her picture, they would instantly know her for her great cooking style. Ly told me that their cooking style is so well-liked that the owners of other Vietnamese restaurants come there to eat (that's saying something!). Truong's can make vegetarian dishes as well as Thai specialties (like Phad Thai) that are not on the menu. Truong's take-out business is tremendous, and I watched customer after customer come in to this small restaurant to claim their packaged meals. Truong's also provides catering services, and I'm sure that based on customer's meal experiences, they'll be inundated with party orders!

Truong's is open seven days a week, from 11am - 10pm, and can be reached by calling 653-4755. It is with pleasure that I recommend that you visit Truong's and enjoy the tremendous flavor experience of their unique style of cooking delicious Vietnamese cuisine along with other Asian specialties!

Bon Appetit!