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  Hy's Steakhouse
Tumon, Guam
Fine Dining, Romantic, Steakhouse


Hy's Steakhouse - Affordable Oppulence On A Night To Remember!
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
October 2000

Although it was not my first time dining in Hy's, it was my first time to come in with a mission and a specific purpose-- to experience Hy's as "the food guy"--which made the evening a far more memorable and intense event than I would have thought possible.

"Experience True Fine Dining" at "Guam's Premiere Steak House" are descriptive phrases in recent advertisements promoting Hy's....well, here's a prime example of "truth in advertising" if I ever saw one! From the moment you walk in through Hy's glass doors, you become aware that you've entered into a dimension where time as we know it is suspended; where light and color take on a more subtle hue, with the focus being your table, it's guests, and the foods being served; where sounds start with conversations that soon turn into happy laughter, then approving murmurs of satisfaction as delicious appetizers and succulent entrees are enjoyed. For those who've not yet ventured to this restaurant on the second floor of the Holiday Inn Resort Guam, you will need to experience Hy's to understand why Hy's is in a class of its own, and why people make going to Hy's an extra special occasion when they want to impress someone, and always end up impressing themselves.

We were greeted by Roland Boudreau, Hy's General Manager. He was happy to see us, and knew based on past experience that we were in for yet another unforgettable Hy's dining extravaganza that would last over two hours! You don't rush good savor them!

Tina, our server, was dressed impeccably in black, and guided us through the ordering ritual, competently answering questions about preparation and ingredients. We were served hot garlic toast to fuel our went nicely with the glass of Sterling Pinot Noir that I had. I make it a point to drink plenty of water when I have wine, and the waitstaff at Hy's never let my glass go empty!

For appetizers, I had the Escargot a la Hy's ($9.95), which I had craved. They were cooked in a marvelous buttery garlic sauce that I kept dipping my bread in after the escargot were gone! Scott, one of our visiting Silicon Valley executives dining with us that night, had the Hy's French Onion Soup ($5.50), and he said it was really good. I've had it before, and they do a fine job with it.

For my second glass of wine, I opted for a Barton & Guestier Medoc, which was an improvement from my first. Then I watched Tina as she went throught the preparations to make my Warm Spinach Salad - Flambeed Tableside( $ 8.95). It was spectacular to watch her deftly sautee onions, mushrooms, butter, and and bacon bits, then add some Brandy for a "crowd-pleasing" flame, and then to have the hot mixture poured over spinach and topped with sliced eggs---and just a few twists of ground peppercorn! Yummeee! What an extraordinary blending of flavors...and the spinach was fresh and crunchy! You'll notice similar flambee feats at other tables throughout the dinner service. There's something exotic and passionate about these culinary pyrotechniques!

I decided on something new (for me) as my main course, Steak Neptune ($29.95). It's" a tender filet mignon butterflied and broiled to your desire. Topped with crabmeat, asparagus, and Bernaise sauce." Since I was designated the wine connoisseur for the night, I suggested the Ravenswood Zinfandel, which proved an excellent choice. Scott had one of my favorite dishes, Hy's Stuffed Chicken, that is a breast of chicken stuffed with Camembert Cheese and Spinach, that is then baked to perfection. A tantalizing treat for you chicken lovers! I made it a point to sample some of his chicken, as well as some of Lance's Roasted Prime Rib, which is well-seasoned with herbs and slow-roasted to maintain it's juicy tenderness! I know why Lance loves their Prime Rib so much!!!

I did try a slice of Lee's Filet was magnificent! Fresh, flavorful, and charcoal-broiled medium rare, it was all anybody ever wanted in a steak! Seared to perfection on Hy's signature brass-coated broiler pit, this AAA Alberta Beef has been chilled and never frozen, and flown in fresh. All the main courses came with steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, and decorated with a garnish of fresh parsley. Three of us had baked potatoes , which we loaded up with the works (Tina doled out sour cream, butter, fresh chives, and real bacon bits). Scott had "les frites"--that's French for french fries---he was from California after all. It was an impressive presentation!

The classical music playing in the background creates a luxurious ambiance that is further developed by the sophisticated decor of oil paintings and antique books lining shelves. Crates of Opus One are stacked in a showy display of opulence---remnants of a previous celebration. This is a place of refinement, breeding, good manners, and elegance. Yet, Hy's is no place for "stuffed shirts", and many diners dress in casual comfort.

Lance and I work out together on the same fitness program, and tonight was our night out, so we felt we could tackle dessert! We ordered the Strawberries Jubilee--another flambee experience! Accompanied by a rich Cappucino, the strawberries (flamed by Grand Marnier) were superb and when combined with that rich french vanilla( I want to say Hagen Daz) ice cream, we were in dessert heaven! Priced at $9.95/person, it was well worth it---it's entertaining just watching their masterful preparation!

There are many other appealing appetizers, steak entrees, a succulent rack of lamb, and exquisitely prepared seafood dishes available at Hy's, in addition to a wide selection of fine wines and liquers. There is also a cigar bar. Reservations are recommended when going to Hy's Steakhouse. Their phone number is 647-0077, and they are open 7 days from 6:00 pm until closing, usually about 11.

Hy's Steakhouse---an expectation met and surpassed, and true to it's claim that you'll "Experience True Fine Dining". We did, and know where to go next time!