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  Kar Kar Restaurant (May's)
Tamuning, Guam, in the Mikkel Tan V Building
American, Asian, Chinese
Family Friendly, Restaurant


May's Restaurant - Serving Specialty Chinese, Asian & Western Favorites (now located next to Kim Chee Store in Tamuning)
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
January 2003

What better way to start the new year than with a delicious home-cooked style Chinese meal? "Kung Hee Fat Choy" is not just a salutation saved for the Chinese New Year, it's "Happy New Year" for January 1 as well.

May's Restaurant is located in the New Century Hotel on Ypao Road in Tamuning. It is not your typical Chinese restaurant, since it serves Western-style breakfast menu items such as Ham w/Eggs, Corn Beef Hash w/Eggs, Spam w/Eggs, Portugese Sausage w/Eggs, and even Turkey Spam w/Eggs. In addition, May's has lunch specials (good prices, too, from $5.95 - $7.50) featuring Chinese favorites along with other Asian dishes such as Shrimp Curry, Yakisoba, BBQ Pork Ramen, and Kalbi & Pork Chop.

Good food is one criteria for judging a restaurant, and great service is another. May's Restaurant's great service and good food are attributed to one special element - May Li, the owner. Her cheerful personality, hospitality, and energy makes this restaurant experience one to remember and appreciate, over and over again. May had cooked for Shirley's and King'sárestaurants in Harmon before opening May's Coffee Shop in Harmon Industrial Park. Her customers are in love with her, and she loves them back with what she does best--excellent service and savory food.

On our New Year's Day visit, May suggested that we try some special dishes suitable for celebrating the New Year. The majority of them were not on the menu, and included Deep Fried Oysters, Seafood Crispy Noodles, Teppanyaki Beef, Seafood & Tofu Soup, Taro Fish, and Lapu Lapu in Spicy Sauce. However, they can be made to order, as she does with many other dishes to satisfy the cravings of her customers.

In addition to the special entrees May prepared, we also had the Crispy Chicken ( Whole - $15.00), Salt & Pepper Shrimp ($10.00), and Roast Duck. May explained that Chicken, Oysters and Shrimp are traditional foods for giving good fortune, prosperity, and success, especially in business.

The Seafood Crispy Noodles were fabulous, flavored with oyster sauce and ginger. The noodles were cooked just right and covered with an array of seafood, including scallops, baby octopi, squid, mussels, shrimp, imitation crab, mushrooms and green beans. The Bok Choy accompanying it was nicely saut╬ed. The Crispy Chicken and Fried Oysters were combined on a platter. I was amazed at the size of the big they had to be cut in half. They were beautifully battered and succulent. A small bowl with peppered salt was used to dipping the oysters. The flavorful chicken was tender and cut up for easy eating.

I really enjoy May's Salt & Pepper Shrimp. She dices red and green bell peppers, and then sautes them with garlic and thinly-sliced red chili peppers. These vegetables smother the crisp-fried shrimp, providing a real spicy treat for your taste buds. May served roast duck with deep fried shrimp. The duck was smoked, slowly roasted and quite moist and juicy, indicating that it was very fresh.

A surprising dish was the "Teppanyaki Beef". This take on the Japanese dish was actually quite good, and it was similar to Chop Steak. It was full of sliced onions and bell peppers that were mixed with a generous amount of steak. It was grilled to perfection and served in its own savory gravy. The Seafood and Tofu Soup was just what it is called. May opened up Davey Jones' locker and put a lot of seafood (clams, mussels, scallops, and shrimp bits) in this thick soup. The tofu pieces were cut thin, and were generously blended in the soup.

May prepared another dish to celebrate the New Year--Taro Fish! These were created by blending taro with flour, molding it into fish shapes, and deep frying. These are great vegetarian treats. May said that she can prepare a lot of dishes for vegetarians. The Taro Fish will certainly please them. The Lapu Lapu in a Spicy Sauce had a filet of lightly-battered fried fish covered in a rich peppered sauce. It was very good, and beautifully served (although with plastic plates) with cherry-topped pineapple slices.

May's is open 7 days a week, from 7am - 2pm, and from 5:30pm - 9:30pm for dinner. May serves breakfast menu items anytime. Take-out orders are welcome. Please call 647-3188 or 647-3288.

At the end of our feast, May brought us our fortune cookies, a nice touch that isn't often seen at Chinese restaurants. During our lunch experience, we observed a variety of local diners. One of the diners was a monk from the Chinese temple. Another table seated a Chinese family who is a major food wholesaler. Yes, this restaurant's food and service has the endorsement of the local Chinese community. May's Restaurant also has the endorsement of the Guam Food Guy!

Bon Appetit!