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  Benkay Japanese Restaurant
Tumon, Guam
Restaurant, Sushi Bar


Benkay Japanese Restaurant - October's Sushi Paradise At Hotel Nikko
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
October 2002

(The Sushi Extravaganza in Available Annually During the Month of October)

If you are a sushi aficionado, you will truly appreciate the high quality sushi dining experience awaiting you at the Nikko's Benkay Japanese Restaurant as they celebrate their annual Sushi Fair. Held during the month of October, this all-you-can-eat event is a sushi lover's fantasy! The freshness and quality of the sushi served is "top-shelf", and I highly recommend you make reservations for this special feast, by calling 649-8815. In what lasted nearly two hours, I had the good fortune to join a fellow "sushi foodie" in one of the most memorable and pleasurable sushi dining episodes I can recall. Be sure to sit at the counter where you can watch Maui, the engaging Palauan sushi maker, skillfully cut and roll a marvelous assortment of fresh sushi. Maui starts you off with a platter of Maguro (tuna), Shiromi (white fish), Ika (squid), Hoki (clam), and Ebi (Shrimp). The stunning impact of the first bite launched a continuous series of ecstatic murmurs of appreciation punctuated by head nods toward the chefs! An enthusiastic "Oishi"! ("delicious" ) was the best Japanese I could muster, as we watched Maui and Sushi Chef Tosho Tsuchida prepare platter after platter of "Tok-u Jo" (the deluxe assortment of nigiiri sushi) that were delivered to small tables behind us in Benkay's Sushi Bar.

We were treated to exceptional Unagi (broiled eel); Hammachi (a high quality white fish), with one piece having a section of the coveted belly, which had a luscious buttery flavor; Mackeral (for those who prefer a strong fishy taste), Ikura (Salmon roe); Hirami (flounder) that was chopped up and blended with a Japanese red pepper paste and green onions (we called this the "Maui Wowee Special"); Saba Oiishi Sushi (made with a special press); and a California Roll made with real King Crab! We managed to eat more sushi, however there were others we couldn't get around to ordering. For dessert we had a refreshing Azuki (red bean) ice cream. The $30 adults, $15 childrens price is certainly well worth the investment for an evening of "unhurried" pleasure. The Benkay Sushi Bar is highly regarded by the local Japanese community as being a premier sushi destination. If you are a sushi lover, this special October all-you-can-eat sushi festival is an event you don't want to miss.