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Upper Tumon, Guam, in the East-West Business Center


Truong's Restaurant Re-opens In Style - New Location Sets A High Standard
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
November 2003

Truong's Restaurant was first reviewed while at their Yigo location in our November 15, 2002 newsletter, with a glowing appraisal stating that "Truong's is making waves....big waves as more and more people are discovering what is probably the best-tasting Vietnamese food on the island." The review continues, "What's amazing about this is that the owners proudly communicate that their food is the best, that it is different, and that they offer bigger portions. Then they take your order and return with the proof of their claims."

Truong's was closed for over four months and has relocated to a brand new facility that is an upscale Vietnamese restaurant with prices basically the same as they were in their original eatery, which was a typical "hole in the wall." You really have to see this phenomenal new place, now in the East-West Business Center. There are classic, original woven art pictures from Vietnam adorning the walls, elegant furniture, a brand spanking new kitchen with an exhaust hood that works - this is not your typical Vietnamese restaurant with grease-laden air!

I was finally able to satisfy my quest for the fabled "Vietnamese Sandwich" ($4.95), which is something you really must try. This is an original, authentic Vietnamese Sandwich according to Kim (sister of the owner, Ly) and is made with Toasted French Bread (a baguette), pickled shredded radish & carrot, liverwurst, cilantro, roast pork resembling char siu but flavored with a different spice, and mayonnaise. It's light eating but quite flavorful...a real delicacy that takes a lot of effort to produce. The whole Truong family is overwhelmed with gratitude for their new home, and they want to share it with you. You will be impressed! They are open daily 11am - 2am.