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  Ban Thai Restaurant
Tumon, Guam
Buffet, Restaurant & Bar


Ban Thai - Reopens to Raves
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
August 2003

Since re-opening this summer, Ban Thai has seen its loyal customer base return to enjoy their unique Thai preparations, especially at lunchtime when they offer their buffet special. We had an opportunity to dine there late one Saturday evening (a few minutes shy of their 11pm closing time).

There were several tables of guests still eating, and I noticed that most of the tables had a wine bottle opened (Ban Thai has the best wine selection of all local Thai restaurants.) The new decor and furnishings have enhanced Ban Thai's authentic feel.

We had Papaya Salad, which was fiery, yet flavorful. The combination Phad Thai was just excellent, with a portion big enough to take home for a second meal. We also had the Spicy Chicken Pad Pra Kau Gai, which was a basil rush. Our final entree was something new to the menu - a Thai Omelette. It was quite good, with ground pork in Thai spices and vegetables filling an omelette. There're many more things to enjoy at Ban Thai...we just have to pace ourselves!