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Tumon, Guam, in the Hyatt Regency Guam
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La Mirenda Sunday Brunch - Extraordinary Dining in Paradise
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
April 2005

The Sunday Brunch at La Mirenda in the Hyatt Regency Guam is a culinary quandary - it has everything you want and more than you can eat! I was delighted to be joined for this review by my good friend, Toshie Ito (Motiva), who offered me immeasurable comfort and splendid companionship during what was a rather difficult day for me personally. La Mirenda's physical layout makes it one of the more attractive dining spots on Guam, and when you are seated facing the window view of the hotel's marvelously landscaped waterpark and the bay beyond, one can see and feel the magic of "extraordinary dining in Paradise".

Although I've not been to La Mirenda's Sunday Brunch in a long time, I noted that there was a certain something about the food's presentation and menu composition that was far above the norm. I can say that this can be due in part to the personal touch of Chef de Cuisine Tomasso Fois, formerly of Sereno's and the Outrigger. The other part contributing to what can only be described as a glorious festival of foods is the Hyatt's F&B team's commitment to putting out a first-rate spread, which is what stole my breath away upon arriving. An abundance of Seafood, cooked and raw, Prime Rib, Roast Turkey, a huge have-it-your-way Pasta Station with over a dozen ingredients, Spicy Thai Soup, Cereal, an Omelette Station, a Bread Station, Lox and Bagels, hot chafing dishes with an array of intriguing foods, a selection of fine Cheeses, a Crepe Station, and a walk-around Dessert display that deserves a separate review on its own were among the culinary elements awaiting at La Mirenda.

Where one begins with this type of feast is a matter of personal preference. Toshie ordered a ginger ale and I had my first of several glasses of free-flowing champagne, and then we began our journey. She started out with the crepe station...may as well start out with a bang! I was happy to see Christina Siskin, who had come through the GCC Culinary Academy, at the Crepe Station...I was so proud of her...the future chef-to-be!!! I headed over to the Seafood display and loaded up on Snow Crab, Boiled Shrimp, Sashimi, Marinated Mussels, and Oysters. I made up my wasabi and shoyu, added a dash of cocktail sauce, and I was on my way. I put that plate down and headed back to get some of that tasty Spicy Thai Soup and a plate of a glorious triumvirate; Eggs Benedict, Vegetable Frittata, and Salmon Frittata (Tomasso's touch). The crab piece I picked has a mouthful of fresh, white tasty was divine. During the course of our entire meal, we were entertained by our friends Mario and Jim, whose musical talents and repertoire of songs had the audience singing along or breaking out in applause..that was a really special touch for Sunday brunch - Bravo!

My next go around was to get a toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese and Salmon, as well as a combination Omelette, with a slice of Prime Rib (succulent, juicy, and with both horseradish and hot mustard, as recommended by Executive Chef Hermann Grossbichler). I tried a bit of turkey, too, which was cooked a bit too much for my liking. My omelette was perfect, something I relish now more since I've cut back on eating eggs. When I returned to the table, Toshie was enjoying her crab and a few other seafood items. I then went back go sample some of those specialties in the hot line. There was a flavorful Spicy Rice with Walnuts and Raisins, Cajun Roasted Potatoes, Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant with Red Bell Peppers, PIne Nut Crusted Salmon, with Sun Dried Tomato Butter Sauce (heavenly), some Honey Orange Ginger Glazed Chicken, and Baked Lamb with a Red Wine Demiglace, Roasted Garlic and Artichoke. Getting just a little of each of these was still a lot, and I took my time. For buffet dining, this was quite ambitious, since these items are usually served a la carte. During my dining time, they were in good condition.

Toshie went on for her dessert (I couldn't do this as I was way too full to forage in that section), but I did promise myself a crepe, so I went and saw Tina and asked for strawberries, bananas, a bit of raspberries, and some Grand Marnier, and I later added some almonds, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and returned to my seat for this last treat. Actually it was our next to the last treat since we decided to have a cup of Illy, thanks to the suggestion of our seasoned manager and good friend, Raj, who knows the value of commemorating a splendid meal with a quality coffee.

La Mirenda's Sunday Brunch starts at 11am and lasts until 2:30pm. Adults pay $33, and children, 6-12, pay half price, subject to a 10% S.C. Brunch includes free-flowing sparking wine, and red & white house wine. Coffee, tea, and other beverages are additional. I recommend La Mirenda's Sunday Brunch as a place where you will experience "extraordinary dining in Paradise"!

Bon Appetit!