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  Siam Cuisine
Anigua, Guam


Siam Thai Restaurant - Serving Tantalizing Thai Cuisine at Reduced Prices
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
September 2005

A lot has happened to Siam since my last review in October 2001. The restaurant has new owners who have maintained the quality of service and food established by the original family which earned the restaurant the title of Aniqua's Thai food haven and, in a perplexing (though welcome) twist, they recently reduced their menu prices. When I asked our server, Moe, for a take-out menu, she apologized and told me all of the prices had been reduced, and that they hadn't yet printed new to-go menus to reflect the correct pricing. Since I'd not been here in a while, I really couldn't tell why they lowered some of the prices on about half their menu.

For our order, the Yam Nua (spicy beef salad), was reduced from $10 to $9,  the Fried Chicken Wings Appetizer went from $6 to $5.50, the Thai Green Curry with Chicken fell from $9 to $8, and the Phad Ka Prao with Pork also went to $8 from $9. The price of our final entree, the Vegetarian Hot Noodle (with egg & tofu) remained the same at $7.  We ordered all of the dishes to be medium spicy, with the exception of the Vegetarian Hot Noodles, which we choose "spicy". All in all, the prices are pretty darned good since they are the same as the original review, and actually weren't bad when they were higher. Don't worry, we won't tell them!

Let's get to the food. My Thai Tea was delivered prior to the arrival of the Fried Chicken Wings appetizer. There were five crispy golden wings on a curry colored, fish-shaped platter, along with a bowl of sweet chili dipping sauce (blended with nam pla, fish sauce). We're pretty fussy about wings and these passed the test big time. 

The Phad Ka Prao is one of the touchstone entrees I use to compare other restaurant's versions. I was somewhat concerned when the menu's ingredients listed Mint Leaves with Stir Fry Onions, Bell Peppers and Hot Chilis, as Basil is the proper herb. I have had both chicken and pork in the past, and prefer the minced pork. Siam's Phad Ka Prao was superior to most I've had! Basil was the central herb infused throughout, and the portion was ideal for two. The blend of crunchy green and red bell peppers, green beans, onions, pork and chili met my flavor expectations. I didn't order it Thai style with an egg on top, however, I did fry an egg sunny-side up on my leftovers, making sure to crisp up the egg white!

Moe then delivered the Thai Green Curry which  seemed to pack the "small" bowl in which it was served. Moe explained that this was the regular portion and that the Large Size ($12) came in the bigger bowl that held our three scoops of rice. The Thai Green Curry was filled with tender chicken, mixed with soft eggplant, onions, and  red bell peppers. Though the curry sauce was thick and had the "green curry" taste, it seemed to be missing an ingredient that would have made it great. Perhaps if it was ordered spicy, that could have compensated. Maybe more green curry paste would do the trick.

When the Yam Nua was placed on the woven placement before us, we both gazed approvingly at its mixed green presentation. Tomato wedges and cucumber slices fenced in the shredded lettuce, sliced onions, cilantro, and grilled beef. Red pepper seeds dotted the surface of the beef and the aroma from the fragrant "nam pla" dressing wafted upwards, inviting us in to eat. I remembered this tasty dressing and how the beef had that grilled char smoky flavor. It was a scrumptious combination of flavorful ingredients, with that fish sauce, sweet vinegar, and fresh lemon juice drenching the palate with each bite. The only disappointment was that the tomatoes were not as sweet as they should have been, and were soft and tasteless, as often happens with tomatoes on Guam.

The final dish served was Vegetarian Hot Noodles. These flat white noodles were ordered in lieu of Phad Thai just to get something different. We had these with egg and tofu, and as I'd mentioned, this dish was ordered spicy.  The noodles were mixed in with Chinese Cabbage, carrots, cilantro, and green onion. The red pepper seeds were plentiful, and it didn't take long for the heat to kick in! I had two small helpings of these fiery noodles before I had to tap out! Next time I'll try the Phad Thai, medium spicy, thank you.

Siam Thai Restaurant is a moderate sized restaurant with authentic Thai decor, paintings, portraits of the King and Queen, and requisite statues. I would have preferred Thai music playing rather than the television which seemed to go off and on intermittently. The menu is fairly extensive, and is broken down into salads, soups, noodle dishes, rice dishes, main dishes, and vegetarian entrees. One dish that caught my attention was a rice dish called Pineapple Paradise with a choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken or Shrimp [Editor's note: the Pineapple Paradise is really good especially of you like sweet, sour and spicy flavors all together.] There are a couple of seafood dishes such Sweet & Sour Fish and Fish with Spicy Sauce, both available at Market Price. Beverages are reasonable, with Thai Iced Tea available for $2, refillable Iced Tea for $1.50, soft drinks $1.50, and domestic beer for $2.50.

Siam Thai has a bar where customers come in to place take out orders, it doesn't appear to be a drinking bar. The restaurant seems to be just that, a restaurant where diners can sit and enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner. Siam is open Monday - Friday, serving lunch from 11am- 3pm, and dinner from 5-9:30pm. On Saturday, lunch is served from 12- 3pm, and dinner is from 5- 9:30pm. Siam has just opened for dinner on Sundays, with service from 5- 9:30pm. The parking lot is large and reservations are accepted for large groups by calling 472-9775.

I recommend Siam Thai Restaurant for good, affordably priced Thai food. Siam remains Anigua's Thai Food Haven!

Bon Appetit!