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  Outback Steakhouse
Tumon, Guam, in the Pacific Place
Steakhouse, Theme Restaurant


Outback Steakhouse
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
July 2001

I don't wait in lines, so I go straight to the bar where I can select from several seating choices - at the bar, on an elevated table with bar stools in the bar "corral," or at one of the full-size tables positioned on two adjoining sides of the bar section. This bar's fun, with 2 big TV monitors tuned in to separate sporting events or programs.

One of my favorite entrees has been the Botany Bay Fish O' The Day ($16.95), with my overall preferred being their Mahi Mahi, lightly seasoned and grilled, just right! I've also enjoyed their pasta dishes, like the Queensland Chicken 'N Shrimp, which is a juicy seasoned breast that's grilled and placed atop a bed of fettuccine Alfredo, as well as a vegetarian Walhalla Pasta, filled with fresh steamed veggies, and sprinkled with fresh parmesan. I'd even once had a fling with Outback's Jackeroo Chops, which I had a hard time convincing myself were pork chops - they were so big you'd think that pig was on steroids! An incredible serving of 2 - 8 oz center cut chops with cinnamon apples on the side and a choice of potato ($17.95). Did I mention that these tasted more like a high quality, thick but, lean pork steak?

I decided to order one of Outback's burgers, since it was something I'd never had before (surprise!) After consulting with Devyn, one of Outback's effervescent servers (and also my girlfriend Lisa's daughter), and whose advice was corroborated by Alison the bartender, I picked the No Rules Burger ($9.95). My choice of toppings was awesome--Bacon, Grilled Onions, Lettuce and tomato, Pickles and Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms, and American Cheese. There are more choices such as Bleu Cheese Dressing, BBQ Sauce, and Swiss Cheese. I was set.

I also ventured another first and had The Gold Coast 'Rita, an excellent frozen margarita that I tried because so many folks told me it was one of Guam's best. They weren't kidding - the lime version was surpassed by their strawberry version which I felt to be the pure essence of that fruit! Terrific!

The burger arrived and was placed on the wooden plank designed to mount atop the bar to serve as a small table top. It was a mountain of a burger, and had to be cut in half...I even joked with Alison that I needed to "unhinge my jaws!" This burger was one of those great burger experiences, and surprised me by edging out my previously announced champion burger for Guam - Jan Z's. I'd ordered steamed vegetables as my side instead of potatoes. Their steamed veggies are the best...fresh green snow peas, crunchy carrots sliced diagonally into thick wedges, zucchini slices, yellow squash, cauliflower, and broccoli, topped with a light butter seasoned sauce to give a little flavor, or you could request plain with lemon slices.

Outback's wine selection is quite good and priced reasonably, featuring quality Australian and American labels.

If it's possible to still have room after these huge meals, you'll have to try the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (which is a fresh-baked pecan brownie, covered by rich vanilla ice cream (did I say Dreyer's?) topped with hot homemade chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkled with chocolate shavings - $6.95, and more than enough for 2)! Other dessert choices are Cheesecake Olivia, Cinnamon Oblivion (more great ice cream with apples and pecans!), and Sydney's Sinful Sundae. All of these seem "sinful"...but irresistibly delicious!

One of the comments I repeatedly receive about the Outback experience is not just the friendliness and positive attitudes of the servers, but that they also are great communicators who are confident in their knowledge of the menu items. I've never seen a shy, tongue-tied, incoherent server. These folks take training seriously, and seem to have nothing but fun sharing it to make your experience consistently memorable! Outback Steakhouse "No Rules, Just Right" - anyway you like it, mate!