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  Sea Grill Restaurant
Tumon, Guam, in the Pleasure Island
Asian Fusion, Chamorro, Pacific Rim
Restaurant & Bar, Seafood


Sam Choy's
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
June 2001

Our party of three ordered the Crab Dip for an appetizer, as it had come highly recommended. It was surprisingly good...served on a large platter with lots of sliced garlic toasted french bread. Thetasty dip filled a casserole dish, garnished with both lime and lemon wedges. On the bread, the flavors tingled the taste buds with their complexity...a cheese/crab/vegetable (was that spinach?) in a thick sauce. Definitely worth the $10.95 value, and more than adequate for three diners.

The Fisherman's Platter had fresh catch of the day in a soy butter sauce, the famous Sam Choy's mountain of steamed rice, a basket of toast (horn of plenty!) and two eggs any way you like 'em. All on the gigantic platter garnished with fresh pineapple and orange wedges. ($9.95)

My other partner had the Sweet and Sour Shrimp with a special steamed rice mixed with green onions, sweet pork, egg, and seasonings--which I thought was an interesting alternative to fried rice. There was nothing small about the shrimp...they were big, juicy, firm prawns, fried in a batter that was smothered in another signature sweet & sour sauce. There was a lot of food on her plate, more than all of us helping could eat, so some went home. Satisfying at $12.95.

My choice was the Crab House Omelette...which I highly recommend! This is a large omelette, had crisp bacon, green onions, and seasonings generously sprinkled on top (I tasted a hint of cumin, which I thought gave it a savory impact). The crab salad filling surpassed my expectations...there was more crab in that omelette than I thought possible...large portion, and just delicious...I reluctantly shared a sample of this with my companions, and devoured the rest of this, along with my hash browns (actually only ate one and brought the other home). The hash brown had a surprisingly crisp exterior and you could taste the potato inside...not at all greasy, so I recommend this if you like hash browns. The basket of toast (horn of plenty - one would think they use a half loaf of bread for this basket!) was consumed...they believe in large portions, everything is "super-sized!" (exceptional value for $11.50!)

The Kona Coffee was memorable...I just appreciate flavorful, well-brewed Kona of Hawaii's best exports! I love coffee, and not being able to drink it for six days...well, you can understand why it's a delight to have a "good" coffee experience at a restaurant.

Dan, our server, put forth a noble effort, and he really worked hard. There are some logistical problems that should be anticipated. Due to the enormous platter sizes, you should have a booth if there are more than two to your party and you order several items. Not enough table space. We wanted the appetizer served first, allowing us time to enjoy that treat before the rest of the entrees were delivered...well, that didn't happen, as we were surrounded by waiters bringing out our filled platters maybe two minutes after the appetizer. This bothered me a little, but, having an understanding nature, coupled with an irrepressible urge to eat forbidden food, I chose the easy way out - shut up and eat!

Warning...Sam Choy's serves a macaroni salad appetizer that is really flavorful and rich...this is brought out even before any appetizer you order...which is also why some food had to be taken "to go"! It's a small hill of macaroni salad on a saucer, and if you eat all of it, you know why it's hard to lose weight on this island!

Both arriving and leaving we were almost embarassed by the attention we were getting from the smiling faces and greetings/farewells from the staff...all of them, cooks, waiters, waitresses, bussers and hostesses. That is one strong plus to add to a few already mentioned, good hospitality training and attentiveness to the customer. Sam Choy's has come a long way from when they'd initially started, when everyone I talked to then liked mostly everything except for the service, which had to do with the lack of experienced staff!