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  Roy's Restaurant
Tumon, Guam, in the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
Pacific Rim
Fine Dining, Romantic


Hawaiian Sushi Infusion At Roy's - A Colorful Array of Textures and Fresh Tastes to WOW your Palate
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
August 2010

Roy's Restaurant
Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

In the universe of great restaurants that have sustained over
the years, Roy's Restaurant is firmly entrenched in the top tier
ensuring its status by introducing new and exciting menu creations
that reflect the culinary genius and unfettered imagination of
its founder, Roy Yamaguchi, whom I consider a living legend and
one of the most innovative chefs in the world.

One key element of innovation is renovation, and that's exactly
what has taken place at Guam's own Roy's Restaurant, located in
the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa. Yes, a brand new look that's sophisticated
yet unpretentious, with a toned down sleekness that places more
emphasis on the dark wood table tops, now dressed with gold-woven
place mats, which are the ideal landing pads for Roy's latest
flotilla of fantastic creations - Hawaiian Fusion Sushi!

In this review we're going to showcase some of the newly introduced
sushi selections as well as a few other new menu additions that
we recently had the opportunity to enjoy. One of the first things
you'll notice in the main dining room is that the window to the
kitchen now has a sushi counter where there used to be a tandoori
oven. You can watch the live action sushi preparation by the sushi
chef, which may not be as exciting as a teppan chef flaring up
the griddle, however, you'll soon discover plenty of excitement
in the superb fusion sushi roll that's stimulating your palate.

The first sushi creation to arrive from the Yamaguchi Sushi &
Sashimi menu page was Auntie Lei's Aloha Roll ($14.50), which
seemed an appropriate way to greet our palates with the spirit
of Roy's home state! This colorful roll features spicy tuna, kaiware
(sprouted daikon radish seeds), cucumber, yellowtail, salmon,
avocado, and garlic ponzu. From your first bite you'll know that
only fresh, high-quality ingredients are used. The tobiko (flying
fish roe) explode with bursts of flavor as you savor each bite.
The kaiware imparts a unique fresh, green flavor and texture.
As with the other sushi creations, wasabi and shoyu are offered,
however, each has its own special sauce that is a preferred option
you should try. The garlic ponzu worked magically.

The Spider Maki Tempura ($11.50) has soft shell crab, kaiware,
avocado, tobiko, and a tangy lime aioli. The presentation is both
striking and elegant, enhanced by an orchid's inimitable beauty.

The Hawaiian Sushi Sampler ($32) is a lavish parade of sushi varieties,
and includes spicy tuna roll and nigiri sushi creations with hamachi,
salmon, shake (salmon), maguro, shiromi (white fish), unagi (eel),
and a spicy, flavorful poke made with truffle oil. It is indeed
a gourmet poke like you've not had anywhere else! Truly a work
of art with over-size cuts of fresh fish that overwhelm their
rice foundations - and we have no complaints about that!

Roy's Sunrise at Haleakala ($12.50) offers a rainbow of colorful
elements, with fresh tuna, yellowtail, salmon and avocado with
a crispy asparagus roll beneath. This is accented by a spicy butter

One of the most intriguing sushi creations that we had was the
Lakanilau Seared Wagyu Beef Wrapped Around Snow Crab ($18.50).
This was a dreamy marriage enhanced by tempura asparagus and fresh
avocado. The thin sliced succulent ultra-premium beef seemed to
dissolve on your tongue. A dollop of ikura (salmon roe) atop each
roll added an extra element of the ocean's bounty. Sliced pink
gari (pickled ginger) was coupled with spicy red ginger strips,
with each adding a separate pickled flavor that refreshed the
palate. A spicy aioli blend accented the entire creation.

Our final sushi sensation was the Mana Dragon Roll ($15), which
had freshwater eel, avocado, yuzu snow crab, and came with a memorable
minted pineapple chutney. The pineapple seemed to have transformed
into pieces of mango! The quality of this fresh water eel was
notable as there were no traces of the tiny bones that seem to
come with unagi. It also tasted better.

We did have one of the new salad creations, Thai Shrimp Salad
($12.50), which featured peanuts, cucumber, fennel, and baby red
radish in a Key Lime nam pha vinaigrette. True to its origins,
this Thai salad has powerful flavors with spicy, fiery tones.
It's vivacious and refreshing, with unusual ingredients like the
dried fish latticework layered across the top that tastes and
feels like cuttlefish, and onions that have been shredded and
marinated to look like pickled papaya.

Before I go too much further I should note that our Hawaiian Fusion
Sushi creations were paired with Roy's Private Label California
Chardonnay, which was among the better Chardonnay's available.
There is also a Private Label Cabernet that I have yet to try.
The bottle goes for $48 but this fine wine can be purchased by
the glass for $12.50.

We had one of Roy's Signature Dinner Entrees, the Hibachi Grilled
Atlantic Salmon ($28). The menu designates these signature items
with a green "Y" Yamaguchi. This mouth-watering dish has a titillating
cucumber and wakame salad, which perfectly blends and balances
thin crisp cucumbers with the chewy wakame, splashed with an inspired
and zesty ponzu sauce. The salmon is char-grilled hibachi style
and delicately-moist on the inside. It's got a smokiness that
harmonizes well with the cucumber and wakame.

The final entree I'll highlight was Roy's Surf & Turf ($55), a
new addition from his Hawaiian Mixed Plates Menu. This show-stopping
creation includes a blue cheese and porcini buttered 8 oz Certified
Angus Beef filet mignon, lobster medallions flamed with cognac,
crispy polenta fries, charred tomato anchovy ragout, and chili
calamansi lime salsa. It's a tour de force that pairs the best
of the land with the king of the sea. The lobster medallions are
sweetened by the cognac searing and pair well with the panorama
of sauces layering the plate. It is another sensational masterpiece
you won't soon forget!

No dinner at Roy's would be complete without finishing with Roy's
Signature Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle ($11.95), that we enjoyed
with a cup of Roy's exclusive percolated Kona Coffee, a visual
adventure in coffee physics that's well worth the wait. our service
was performed perfectly by Christian Dior, a personable young
lady who lived up to the quality standard of that renowned brand!
We also want to applaud the outstanding culinary performance of
Chef de Cuisine Dennis Salenga and his kitchen team who made the
magic happen at Roy's!