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  Mac & Marti
Tumon, Guam, in the Blue Lagoon Plaza
Cocktails, Sandwiches
Cigar Bar, Jazz Club, Quick Bites


Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge and Jazz Club - Tumon's Newest Hot Spot
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
July 2001

Mac & Marti's has long been a local hangout for those looking for great martinis, robust cigars, fine tobacco products and accessories, imported beers, billiards, electronic games, bartenders with engaging personalities who are empathetic listeners, live music and wild private parties. In it's previous Tamuning location next to Cost-U-Less, Mac & Martis was a cozy, intimate, and fun bar atmosphere reminescent of the popular TV show "Cheers." Things just got better, way better, when Mac & Martis moved to their new Tumon location on the ground floor of the Holiday Plaza Complex.

In its new location, Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge and Jazz Club has become Tumon's newest "hot spot" and has expanded its audience appeal by bringing live jazz starting Wednesday nights and playing throughout Saturday. Among their featured artists are the Larry Franquez Quartet with Patrick Palomo and Rick Ash. Sunday nights feature big screen T.V. movies. Not only has the audience expanded--everything has! The bar is over double the original's size, and now has reputedly the largest selection of draft beers on tap, including Four X, MGD, LIte, Bud Light, and Budweiser. An impressive range of imported beers are available, too, along with a selection of quality wines by the glass, by Mondavi and Blackstone. There is even a Red Bull display merchandiser, filled with that popular energy drink that mixes surprisingly well. Of course, the bar is replete with name brand distilled spirits and enough mixes to make just about any drink. Just ask Ana, Regina, Mae, Jackie, Chae, or Camilla to mix one up for you, and they'll even give you free advice on how to handle your day's worries (how about another one?). Don't worry...they know your limits. Billiards players can now compete on two pool tables located in a separate sports room, which has plush leather couches and chaise lounges, as well as a TV dedicated for sports fans.

There's more. The main lounge area is easily 3 times bigger than the previous location, and able to accomodate a high-powered quartet with room for a foot-tappin', finger-poppin' crowd of jazz lovers. A dark sky blue color scheme gives a cool feeling to this cavernous, comfortable space, and a series of Manny Crisostomo's provocative sensual photograph collection hang tastefully against the blue background, drawing eyes and imaginations. Balinese hand-made wooden settees, chairs, tables and couches are recent additions. It's easy to understand why new groups of young ladies enjoy this lounge---it caters to their comfort and they can relax, be themselves and enjoy their friends in this sophisticated, unpretentious ambiance.

Cigar afficionados are able to enjoy a large selection of cigars--the walk in humidor is stocked with rows of quality cigars. Pipe tobacco along with nearly every conceivable tobacco product and accessory is available, too, even "BD's". The room's ventilation seems to work satisfactorily in removing the smoke, which sometimes was a complaint at their old location.

One of the best improvements according to customers is the availability of delicious foods from Jungle Java Cafe on specially-created menus for Mac & Martis. This added-value service (food is delivered promptly after orders are placed) is a stroke of good fortune for both Mac & Martis and Jungle Java, since their collaboration has created a new business opportunity that didn't (couldn't) exist before. Now terrific Jungle Burgers, Char-broiled Chicken Sandwiches, Wraps, Jungle Dogs, Spicy Chicken Wings, Jalepeno poppers, Chicken Caesar Salads, and special personal pizzas are constantly being ordered. In fact, I've heard that one of Lennie's (Jungle Java's owner) rising cost items is having to buy new athletic shoes for his runners!

Mac & Marti owner Art Paguio is just now launching his latest enhancement by expanding his service outside into the the plaza. In an area that will be cordoned off around the perimeter of Mac & Martis, tables will be set up with large parasols where beverages can be ordered and customers can enjoy the evening atmosphere. There will also be an appetizer BBQ available, which should prove to be another attraction for customers. This plaza area is quite nice, with lighted trees, and is set back far enough from San Vitores Road to allow unobtrusive people watching, away from traffic noise and fumes. It's a great location, with ample parking. Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge & Jazz Club is open seven days, with M-Thurs, weekday hours from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m., Fri/Sat open til 4:00 a.m., and Sundays they're open 7 p.m. until midnite.

There's no doubt that with all these improvements and amenities, Mac & Martis will be a popular destination frequented by an ever-growing audience of customers who will find their comfort zone in one or several of Mac & Marti's attractions.