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  Huang's Cake Shop
Maite, Guam
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Huang's Cake Shop - Mocha Cake's a Winner!
Restaurant Review by Ken Stewart, The Guam Food Guy
November 2001

When good friend Alice Chou called one day and asked if I had tried the Mocha Cake and Light Cheesecake at Huang's Cake Shop in Maite, I confessed I hadn't. Truth be known, I really have not been seeking pastry adventures, especially now that I've returned to exercising at the gym. However, Alice's insistence that I taste these confections, plus the fact that Huang's is an old friend and customer of mine (since the late 70's), helped me to overcome my dietary hesitations.

Huang's Cake Shop is just south of Gold's Gym on Route 8. The front windows display racks of cake pans and commercial dough mixers, ideal for small batch mixing. The refrigerated merchandisers contain a selection of pies, cakes and pastries, ready for purchase. The counter display case usually has packaged chocolate and butter cookies, Custard Creme, and Strawberry Jelly Rolls (these come in long plastic tubes, and can be sliced to easily serve a dozen people). The Jelly Rolls are priced at $6.50.

The Light Cheesecake is available by the slice ($2.00) or whole ($14.00). This is called "light" because there is less cheese. It still has the "thick" appearance of cheesecake, only it is fluffier, with a light texture and pleasing taste ... not too sweet. It's almost a "diet" cheesecake.

Huang's Mocha Cake is a special preparation by Mei Lei Huang, the matriarch of the family. It is sold in a rectangular plastic box for $4.95. I remember my first impression eating this pastry. The mocha flavored cake had two layers, with a mocha butter cream spread between them. It was a delicately textured cake, like a fine sponge. It was moist and airy. I had enough to share with several people, just to get some other feedback. Everyone thought it was an exceptionally good cake, not too sweet, nor too rich. Some said it was similar to Chinese/Filipino fine pastries they've had in the Philippines. It is certainly worth taking to a party or to any special occasion.

Huang's also sells a large variety of cake decorating and party supplies. Special orders for cakes can be made here, too. Huang's is renown for their elegant cake decorations, for birthdays, weddings, and special events. I recall having several cakes made for my Mom's birthdays. For special orders and more information, call Huang's Cake Shop at 472-5873.